Signal Solutions – the Answer to a Market Need

In honor of our 10th anniversary, let’s take a journey behind the scenes. Did you know our start began at an airport while waiting for a flight? Find out more!

How and why was Signal Solutions founded?

When doing strategy work for a former partner, our founders Tony Aaltonen and Lassi Kuosmanen wanted to introduce providing customers with complete solutions rather than just selling components. However, this partner didn’t buy into their ideas. This didn’t discourage them but instead drove them on a path to realize them on their own.

A year later, the two met in Ireland at a technical sales convention. They got to talking about implementing their ideas through a new company of their own. It was clear to them that there was demand for a more involved supplier that provides complete solutions and technical assistance rather than just components.

The two men worked well together, so it wasn’t difficult to reach an agreement. Signal Solutions was founded at the airport on their way home from the convention.

The Signal Solutions growth story


For a full decade we’ve been focusing on providing customers with individual service and complete solutions from the RF/microwave, fiber optics, EMC/EMI and shielding technology sectors.

This wouldn’t have been possible without our loyal customers and trusted suppliers. Thank you for being part of our success story and may we continue growing together in the future.

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