X400 FiberSafe Microscope

The Kingfisher FiberSafe Microscope (KI6611) is the tool of choice for checking unmated fiber optic connectors for dirt, end face quality and patch lead continuity. High quality construction & helpful features will improve the performance of all technical staff in portable or desktop applications. x400 magnification combined with excellent resolving power, is ideal for more intensive single mode and multimode inspection during manufacture, QA, R&D etc.



  • Best image quality & ease of use
  • 400x magnification for singlemode fiber use
  • Greatly improved eye safety: Class 3B laser eye safety
  • Range of fiber connector adapters
  • Easy focus & image centering
  • Long alkaline battery life or external power
  • Video capture option
  • Stabilized illumination with timer
  • Lanyard and tripod mounts
  • Coaxial, oblique or core illumination
  • QA report with ISO 9001 traceable eye safety test

Additional information

Optical magnification


Resolving power

0.388 µm

Max viewable area diameter

0.5 mm