Vector Network Analyzers – CMT SN-Series

SN5090 Multiport VNAs are a competitively priced, versatile multiport solution with excellent dynamic range and measurement speed available in 6-, 8-, 10-, 12-, 14-, and 16-port configurations.

SN5090 VNAs are an organic extension of the Compact VNA family without using the switch matrix, enabling the full complexity of VNA measurements, a streamlined calibration process, and reduced test times. The SN5090 hardware can fit a 19” rack and utilizes robust, durable port connectors with ergonomic positioning for simplified cable connection.

Download datasheet here


SN5090 Multiport VNAs are a versatile multiport solution that enables dependable and accurate testing of various DUTs: multiport antennas, integrated circuits, switches, interconnects, cable assemblies, diplexers, etc.

The SN5090 Multiport VNAs come with all the software features engineers have come to expect, at no additional cost. Standard software features include: 

  • Linear/logarithmic sweeps with multiple trace formats 
  • Power sweeps
  • Time domain and gating conversion 
  • Fixture simulation (embedding/de-embedding) 
  • Markers with marker search tools and marker math, various conversion algorithms, and limit tests for pass/fail criteria, etc. 
  • Test Automation programming  

Relevant applications include telecommunications, automotive, satellite, aerospace, defense, and many other industries that require multiple input/output components. 

VNAs are delivered with factory calibration certificates containing no data. The add-on option for ISO17025/Z540-1 Accredited, Traceable Calibration Certificate and Uncertainties is available and needs to be specified at time of order.