Ultra-Low Noise Microwave Signal Generators, Anapico APULN Series

The APULN is a high-performance analog signal generator (analog signal source) series covering RF and microwave frequency ranges from 100 kHz (optionally 8 kHz) to 12.75, 20, 26 and 40 GHz. A combination of characteristics such as good signal purity, ultra-low phase noise, high output power and fast switching speed, along with their very compact size, low weight and low power consumption makes the instruments very well usable in labs, manufacturing, and outdoor fields.

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The main features of these RF and microwave signal generators (RF and microwave signal sources) are:

  • OCXO stabilized low phase noise signal with mHz resolution
  • Wide and accurately levelled output power range
  • Extensive modulation capabilities such as AM, FM, PM, pulse, and frequency chirp but also configurable pulse sequences
  • Fast switching of 30 µs
  • Sweep, trigger functions and user-programmable external reference frequency between 5 to 250 MHz
  • Low power consumption and low power dissipation; allowing for the use of battery power bank for DC power supply in case of outdoor field applications
  • Various mechnical housing forms: portable / bench-top, 19″ rack-mountable, etc.
  • Local front panel operation, PC controlled local or remote operation through the communication ports USB, Ethernet and optionally GPIB, and by using GUI Software or ATE commands (SCPI 1999)

The APULN RF and microwave signal generators are suitable for many applications in labs, production halls and outdoor field:

  • As general purpose portable RF signal sources for demanding testing of electronic, wireless, satellite modules and systems
  • EMC/EMI testing
  • Service and maintenance and verifications
  • Signal simulation (radar, analogly modulated radio, wireless and satellite, aerospace & defense, etc.)
  • Especially the 19″ rack-mountable version for system integration