Amphenol Times Microwave Systems provides a wide variety of customized cable assemblies ideal for thermal vacuum testing.


Amphenol Times Microwave Systems’ (TMS) TVAC cable assemblies meet strict requirements of aerospace applications. TVAC Outgassing Cable assemblies must utilize low outgassing materials in a vacuum environment. It is imperative that non-polymeric materials are used in the cable assembly. TMS proprietary material conditioning and vacuum testing of assemblies ensures outgassing is minimized in space flight and thermal vacuum rated test cable assemblies. All TMS assemblies meet the NASA standards outlined in ASTM E-595 for outgassing characteristics.

Multipactor discharge can vaporize some of the dielectric material within the coaxial line and create ionized gas particles. If the coaxial line is not properly vented, these collected gas particles can initiate an ionization breakdown within the structure. This condition can cause catastrophic electrical failure of the cable assembly. In many cases, the use of overlapping interface dielectrics will also help to minimize this condition from occurring.

TMS offers most major connector interfaces, SMA, TNC, 2.92mm types for associated cable groups. Phase Critical PhaseTrack® is designed for applications demanding minimal phase change over temperature. All PhaseTrack® cables use proprietary TF4™ dielectric that does not have the abrupt shift in the phase (phase knee) that occurs with solid or tape wrapped PTFE based products under normal room ambient temperature conditions.

Features and Benefits:

  • Low loss
  • High power handling
  • Phase & amplitude stability
  • Low outgassing
  • Multipaction resistant (vented connectors)


  • Space flight
  • Test labs
  • Low pressure environments