Tool Box – Small


The basic set of tools and supplies for customers who decide to buy their first fusion splicer and would like to add basic equipment necessary to work with fibers and fiber cables.

Set is transported in a solid plastic case.

Set Contains:
– Stripper Tri-hole (coating 250µ->125µm, cladding 900µ->250µm, PVC jacket 2..3 mm)
– Stripper for tubes and outer jacket, Ideal 45-162 (diameter up to 3,2mm)
– Stripper Ripley MK02 (removing the outer coating from 4 to 28mm)
– Kevlar cutting scissors
– Visual Fault Locator 10mW
– Cable cutters for diameter up to 10,2mm

– Isopropyl alcohol 1L
– Dust-free wipes
– Fiber optic splice protector 41mm (100pcs.)
– Plastic case