StripFlex (SF)

StripFlex cables provide the ultimate performance in a flexible cable.


Times Microwave Systems StripFlex cables are identical in materials and construction to their M17/RG predecessors, except for the outer conductor.

The StripFlex shielding system consists of an inner silver-plated flat ribbon braid (FSC), a spirally applied and overlapped composite aluminum tape interlayer (Intl), and an overall silver-plated round wire braid (SC). The StripFlex shield affords approximately 15% lower loss and >95 dB shielding compared with the typical M17/RG round wire braided shield (40 to 60 dB).

Standard M17/RG cables are shielded with high coverage single or double round wire braids. While these shields provide 40 dB and 60 dB shielding effectiveness respectively, they are not particularly stable (loss & vswr) nor is the shielding adequate for today’s sensitive wireless communications and microwave military/defense applications.

VSWR is lower since the flat ribbons can be applied over the dielectric much more uniformly than multi-end round wire braids. The VSWR and attenuation variation due to aging and flexure is substantially lower at all frequencies, and especially above 12 GHz. StripFlex cables are also available from Times that have been sweep tested for broadband VSWR and attenuation performance. Please contact us with your specific requirements.

Standard inexpensive connectors (crimp or clamp style) commonly used on the M17/RG counterparts can be used on StripFlex.


Features and benefits:

  • Lower loss than M17/RG versions
  • Superior shielding effectiveness
  • Stable loss & VSWR vs flexing
  • Readily available RG type connectors