SiO2 cable assemblies are used in applications demanding the ultimate in phase tracking performance.


Times Microwave Systems SiO2 cable assemblies are a major advancement in Silicon Dioxide coaxial cable technology. Improvements have been made in the areas of cable design, cable manufacturing technology, glass seal technology and the range of connector types available. This makes Times Microwave Systems SiO2 cable assemblies the most advanced interconnection system available for the toughest interconnect applications.

Cable Design and Technology:

The use of advanced equipment and materials results in the production of a low loss, high velocity dielectric with consistent properties from run to run. This results in excellent phase versus temperature and loss versus temperature performance and excellent repeatability of these characteristics from lot to lot. Compared to other cable types, SiO2 cable provides exceptionally low hysteresis, with phase and loss values returning to the same values at a given temperature even after extreme excursions.

Features and benefits:

  • Withstands extreme temperatures
  • Withstands high radiation
  • Ultimate in phase tracking
  • Suitable for all phase sensitive systems and system platforms
  • Semi-rigid style