RF over Fiber System “FiberArch”


The RF over Fiber System FiberArch is a premium radio frequency bridging solution developed and manufactured by RF SPIN, a leading European manufacturer of RF solutions.


Real solution to real world challenges

Complex radio solutions have high performance and reliability, but they have their limits due to the limited range of the radio signal. For wireless links or signal transmission over coaxial cables, the purpose of the project or local topology often requires that the distance between the connected points exceeds what the link allows.


With research-driven design

The solution has been designed based on collaboration and long-term research conducted at the prestigious Czech Technical University in Prague. It includes cutting-edge components that enable a wide range of transmitted frequencies, stability and transmission quality.

The laser modules used are fully compatible with standard fiber optic cable technologies, allowing the capacity of existing fiber optic networks to be utilized.


Features and benefits
  • Modular and expandable radio components with excellent performance
  • Premium quality optical components
  • Configurable parameters to meet every business’ needs
  • Transmission of multiple RF signals over a single fiber optic cable


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