RF/EMI Shielded Wireless Test Pouches


Wireless Test Pouches replace traditional hard walled
metal RF shielding test boxes with a lightweight, portable,
custom configured option.
flexible RF test boxes cost much less than traditional benchtop
test enclosures and are lined with RF absorbing foam
for equal performance.

Wireless Test Pouch Uses:

  • Wireless Device Testing
  • Semiconductor Chip Testing
  • Wireless Chip Testing
  • Carrier Cell Tower / Base Station Testing
  • 11a/b/g/n Commercial – Enterprise, WLAN, Wifi
  • 3G, 4G, LTE, Cellular, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Mesh
  • LF / UHF RFI




Wireless Test Pouches are engineered for high attenuation. The exterior fabric walls are produced with a double layer of NOVA Select™ fabric, US made with conductive silver/copper/nickel RoHS compliant materials.

All Wireless Test Boxes are lined with ½” thick RF absorbent, carbon-filled foam that yields reflective attenuation of -19dB /cm at 3GHz.

The chart below depicts how Select Fabricators’ lightweight RF/EMI Shielded Wireless Test Pouches compare to popular standard hard-walled benchtop enclosures. These fabric test boxes have been designed to isolate wireless devices and systems from RF interference while dampening internal energy for repeatable test results. Standard connectors allow external networking. Optional custom connector arrays are available.

Part # Exterior Dimensions
(Width x Length x Height)
Interior Dimensions
(Width x Length x Height)
WTP612   6″ W x 12″ L  x 4″ H  5″ W x 12″ L x 3″ H
WTP1212   12″ W x 12″ L  x 4″ H   11″ W x 12″ L  x 3″ H
WTP1215   12″ W x 15″ L  x 5″ H   11″ W x 12″ L  x 4″ H
WTP1010   11″ W x 12″ L  x 7″ H   10″ W x 10″ L  x 6″ H