Probe Stations

MPI’s four main product markets include state of the art Probe Cards, Photonics Device Test Equipment, Advanced Semiconductor Test Equipment and Eco-minded Thermal Products.

MPI TS150, TS200 & TS300 manual probe systems are open, easy to use and cost effective yet highly accurate. These systems are designed for precision analysis of substrates and wafers up to 150, 200 and 300mm.

TS2500 (200 mm) & TS3500 (300mm),  fully automatic probe system series configurable with unique MPI WaferWallet® making it the most advanced fully-automatic system on the market. The combined capabilities now offer the customer unequaled measurement flexibility with test automation while significantly reducing the overall cost of test. MPI’s WaferWallet® also incorporates simple and convenient handling of multiple wafer types and sizes.

A wide slection of Systems Accessories completes the MPI portfolio.

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