Power Line Filters & Power Entry Modules

EMI filter designs for single phase, 3 phase or DC power applications filter the AC or DC power entering your system

Link to Spectrum Control Chassis Mount EMI Filters


Standard Catalog EMI filters
  • Single Phase and 3 Phase EMI filter designs with high common and differential mode attenuation and insertion loss characteristics up to 10 GHz.
EMP/HEMP Filters
  • EMI Filters are designed to protect sensitive electronics equipment during hazardous transient conditions, including EMP/HEMP.
Emission Security Power EMI Filter
  • Space-saving design and effectively eliminates conducted electromagnetic interference emanations for an added level of data protection.
Modular Power EMI Filter
  • High performance, high-reliability, chassis mount, configurable catalog EMI filter for where SWaP-C is a critical factor
Custom EMI Filter Design
  • Custom EMI filter designs will be a product tailored to your project’s design, logistic and budgetary requirements.