Optical Loopbacks

We provide optical loopbacks in any configuration, from connectors such as SC, LC, MPO to the type of fiber.
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What the Loopback is?

A fiber optic loopback device is a common testing tool used when assessing transmission equipment. It works by routing electronic signals, digital data streams, or other information back to its origin without any modification or processing. In the field of telecommunications, loopback refers to a hardware or software technique that returns a received signal or data to the sender, making it a useful tool for identifying and resolving physical connection issues.  


Fiber optic loopback devices come in various types, including different types of optical connectors and fibers. The connectors used in fiber optic loopbacks include SC, LC, MTRJ, E2000, and others. Additionally, fiber optic loopbacks can also be categorized by the types of fiber used, such as single-mode loopback (9/125) and multimode loopback (50/125, 62.5/125), which are deployed based on the specific application.