Noise Figure Analyzers

Wide-range coverage

The coaxial integrated frequency of 3986 series noise figure analyzer covers the range of 10 MHz~50 GHz. 5 frequency band configurations are selectable for user’s different test demands. , The upper frequency limit of the spread spectrum measurement capacity can be expanded to 110 GHz (with an external MMW spread spectrum module).

High-sensitivity reception and high-precision test performance

The optimum reception sensitivity reaches up to -170 dBm/Hz, and full band reception sensitivity precedes-162 dBm/Hz. The breakthrough in automatic modulation and precise calibration technology of large scale channel gains in the whole instrument. Linearity within the range of noise power measurement precedes ±0.1 dB.

  • Amplifier, Up converter and Down converter measuring mode
  • Single sideband and double sideband measuring function
  • Comprehensive loss compensation function
  • Flexible document and excel processing functions
  • Passed/failed test notification limiting line function
  • Various external interfaces
  • Dual noise source drive

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