MaxGain® RF test cable assemblies are high-performance, ultra-low-loss microwave coaxial cables. Built with Times Microwave Systems’ unique spiral outer conductor technology, this light-weight cable is a reliable, high frequency interconnect solution.


Amphenol Times Microwave Systems MaxGain® ultra low loss, flexible microwave coaxial cable and a full range of passivated stainless-steel connectors are available as fully tested custom cable assemblies. MaxGain® assemblies are used for general applications in both field and laboratory conditions. They are ideally suited for applications where lowest loss and good stability over flexure is required.

Features & Benefits:

  • Lowest insertion loss available, DC – 50 GHz
  • Ultra-stable insertion loss and VSWR with flexing
  • Wide temperature range (-65º C to + 150º C)
  • Extremely flexible, low minimum bend radius
  • Superior shielding effectiveness (> 90 dB)
  • Typical VSWR for assemblies is <1.40:1 at maximum frequencies


  • Used for general applications in both field and laboratory conditions

Connectors are available in a wide range of precision interfaces including Type N, TNC SMA, 2.92mm(k), 2.4mm, SMP and MMP. Replaceable interface versions are also available.