Loss Test Set LTS-UP80D-2L

Combining optical source and optical power meter in one, Loss Test Set is a portable and intelligent instrument for optical network tests. There are inner 1310nm and 1550nm dual wavelength and single output optical source. It can fulfil the functions of steady optical source and optical power meter at the same time, and it realizes the loop test and two-way automatic test. Its single-end test solution greatly advances the test efficiency. the inner microprocessor and linearity magnification technology ensure the long time calibration and test accuracy.

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Main Functions:

  • Multi wavelength precise test
  • Wavelength identification
  • Large LCD display, easy to operate
  • Multi adapters (FC, SC, ST, LC for power meter; FC, ST, SC for light source)
  • Absolute power test for dBm or μW
  • Relative power test for dB