GPS Amplifiers

Our offer includes GNSS amplifiers that allow you to extend the range of the antenna cable. They are available in various types of housings and with built-in splitters. We encourage you to contact us to prepare an offer.

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Satellite signal amplifiers serve to enhance the power level of the signal received from an external antenna. This is crucial for compensating signal losses in coaxial cables, connectors, and various components like splitters and couplers. These amplifiers facilitate the extension of cable distance between an active rooftop antenna and the receiver or GPS amplifier located inside a building.

We offer +16dB gain amplifiers that can be categorized according to their housing type, which includes both regular and waterproof IP67 options. Additionally, they come in versions with a signal splitter and without one.

The amplifier is powered via the output signal cable by the GNSS Repeater, simultaneously transmitting DC power to the GPS receiving antenna.