Fusion Splicer ULTIpulse B3

SMALLER!         LIGHTER!         FASTER!

The ULTIpulse B3 splices a standard SM fiber in less then 7 seconds and heats a sleeve in ~18 seconds, for a total cycle time of only 25 seconds. Built-in large, swivel, LCD clearly demonstrates every stage of splicing process with user friendly GUI.

Features include battery charge capability during splicer operation that provide the end user a truly productivity tool. Moreover, machine can be powered and charged with external 12V DC adaptor (car charger) what makes it even more portable than other ones on the market.

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Exceptionally compact and lightweight ULTIpulse B3 fusion splicer offers the latest technology of core alignment fusion splicing. The machine employs high-speed image processing technology and special positioning technology, allowing the total process of fusion splicing to be finished within 7 seconds. This digital fusion splicer with automatic focus function and fast image processing have ability to detect cleaved fiber end face imperfections and prevent faulty splices.

As the splicer is compact in size, light in weight, it is ideal to work in outdoor environment. Splicer suits well for all telecommunications installation, CATV and industrial CCTV.

Standard set includes precise fiber cleaver, stripper and durable transport case.

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Additional information

Weight 2,9 kg
Dimensions 169 × 152 × 155 cm

DS(Dispersion displacement), MM(Multi-mode), NZDS(Non-zero dispersion displacement), SM(single-mode)

Average heating time


Average splicing time


Battery capacity

Typical: 200 times of splice & heat cycle

Battery life

300~500 charging cycles


Length×Width×Height=154×120×130mm (without rubber)


High-definition 4,3” colour LCD provides fine and clear images

Electrode life

Typical 4000 times

External ports

Standard USB port

Fiber aligning method

Clad aligning, Core aligning, Manual

Fiber cleaved length

10~16mm (coating diameter:<250μm), 16mm (coating diameter: 250~1000μm)

Fiber diameter

Cladding diameter 80~150µm, Coating diameter 100~1000μm

Heat shrinkable tube

40mm and a series heat shrinkable tube, 60mm

Lens magnification

horizontal double display 88x, Vertical double display 320x

Operating conditions

Height: 0~5000m above sea level, Humidity: 95%RH (40ºC, no condensation), Temperature -10ºC~+50 ºC

Operation mode

Full auto, Manual, Semi-auto

Power supply

11.1V lithium battery (can be replaced by user), External adapter, Input: AC100-240V, Output: DC12.6V/5.0A

Return loss

Greater than 60dB

Splice loss

0.01dB(MM), 0.02dB(SM), 0.04dB(DS), 0.04dB(NZDS)

Tension test

Standard 2N(optional)


1.9kg (with battery)