Fixed Torque Wrench

At Signal Solutions we provide high-performance torque wrenches with many different pre-set torque limits for various types of connectors.

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Torque wrenches from Signal Solutions Nordic are part of our in-stock RF tools for sale. These torque wrench have precision presets and are manufactured in a click type design. The SMA torque wrench uses a hex size of 8mm (5/16″).


Signal Solutions RF torque wrenches

Our torque wrenches are designed to help prevent over tightening. Torque wrenches in click type design help to limit torque ratings to the correct amount by alerting the user when the pre-set torque limit is reached. For example, our SMA connector torque wrenches are pre-set to 1.36Nm (12.0 in-lbs).

Signal Solutions torque wrenches can be bought and shipped worldwide the same-day.


Fixed torque wrench type examples

Fixed Click Type Torque Wrench for 8mm [5/16″], 1.36Nm (12.0 in.lbs) – SMA/3.5mm/2.92mm/2.4mm/1.85mm Type Connectors

Fixed Click Type Torque Wrench for 8mm [5/16″], 0.9Nm (in.lbs 8.0) – SMA/3.5mm/2.92mm/2.4mm/1.85mm Type Connectors

Colors: Red / Blue

Torque options: 1.36 Nm, (12.0±0.7 in.lbs) or 0.9Nm (in.lbs 8.0)


More options available – feel free to ask us for the exact type you need.


Shipping Weight: 264g (9.3Oz)

Shipping Size: 22 x 7 x 4 cm (8.5 x 3 x 1.5″)

HS Code (COMMODITY CODE): 8204.11.00