Fiber Cleaver UP70

Highly precise cleaver for glass fibers. Provides accurate cuts at 90° degrees with accuracy of +/- 0,5°. Rotating blade with 16 positions allows for about 48000 cuts.


  • Small, lightweight and easy to handle
  • 16 rotating positions, 3 height positions
  • Operation: set fiber -> close -> push back blade -> cut & close scrap bin -> open -> push blade back automatically & open scrap bin
  • Optional simple fiber scrap bin
  • Possibility of use standard fiber plate exchangeably with fiber holders

Additional information

Bare fiber diameter

0.25mm, 0.9mm

Accuracy [deg.]


Outer coat diameter


Fiber type

Single fiber

Cleaved length


Dimensions [mm]

63 ×76 ×63

Weight [g]


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