EMI Filtered Interconnects

Filtered D-sub connectors and EMI filter plates improve performance, save board space and reduce costs by managing EMI at the signal and power I/O

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Filtered Circular Connectors Overview
  • The industry’s most extensive line of circular connectors that are designed for high reliability or demanding environmental applications
  • Custom circular mil-spec connectors are completely intermateable with MIL-DTL-38999 Series III.
Filtered D-Sub Connector
  • From performance to board space to cost, we offer many reasons and options for managing EMI at the signal & power I/O.
  • EMI filtering capable of 70 dB from 1GHz to 6GHz in a 5G filtered D-sub connector adapter form-factor.
EMI Filter Plates
  • EMI filter assemblies provide a filtered signal line between electronic system modules providing an economical method to meet EMC requirements.
EMI Filter Power Line Connector
  • Power EMI filters in a circular connector package that include integrated common mode and differential mode EMI filtering.
Rapid Mate EMI Filter Connectors
  • EMI filter connectors providing the ease and reliability of hot shoe style mating with the added benefit of integral filtering.