Digital Storage Oscilloscopes

Wide-Bandwidth Oscilloscopes for precise measurement and analysis

These single-, dual- or four-channel instruments, having a bandwidth of 5 or 16 GHz and triggering over the entire frequency range, provide the acquisition, display, measurement and analysis of complex waveforms in the range from picoseconds to hundreds of seconds.

Being a direct alternative to traditional benchtop oscilloscopes, these instruments are portable, and maybe even miniature, and, what is extremely important, they have an incomparably lower cost. Economical prices make the FemtoScope Series preferred for teaching basic scientific and engineering measurements at lab stations in schools and universities. Features normally only found on much higher priced scopes equip the FemtoScope Series to be a powerful choice for R&D applications.

  • 1, 2 or 4 channels configuration.
  • The industry’s widest 5 or 16 GHz USB oscilloscope bandwidths available to match your measurement application,
  • The industry’s lowest 1.5 ps rms typical intrinsic jitter for USB oscilloscope.
  • 12-bit Analog-to-Digital Converter with 500 MSa/s real time sampling rate per channel.
  • The industry’s highest equivalent time sampling rate up to 5 TSa/s for USB oscilloscope.
  • 10 ps/div fastest time base scale.

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