Signal Solutions is an official distributor of RF Spin, who design and manufacture world-class broadband antennas, such as single polarized antennas, dual polarized antennas, outdoor antennas, other antennas and accessories (stands, adapters etc).

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Signal Solutions is an official distributor of RF Spin products. RF Spin design and manufacture world-class broadband antennas, including pyramidal gain horn, double ridged (single polarized), quad ridged (double polarized) and accessories (stands, adapters etc).

Single Polarized Broadband Antennas

Single polarized antennas are the best for accurate measurements and convenient testing over a large frequency range. Choose from a wide range of double ridged horn antennas with special surface treatment and all-weather versions, or a TEM Horn Antenna with dielectric lens for testing resistance to radiation from close proximity.

Dual Polarized Broadband Antennas

Dual polarized antennas allow transmitting and receiving signals without the need to change position. This enables very accurate measurements without large deviations. Our range includes double-ridged horn antennas as well as waterproof long-periodic antennas. Many models also come in all-weather versions or with AU Technology for clone series.

Outdoor Antennas

A comprehensive collection of outdoor antennas, meticulously crafted to withstand the demands of challenging outdoor environments. RF SPIN offers a diverse selection, including double ridged horn, quad ridged horn, and other specialized outdoor antennas, designed to cover a broad range of frequency applications. Each antenna is engineered for durability and optimal performance, ensuring accurate measurements and superior signal reception in various weather conditions.

Other Antennas

RF Spin also produce various types of special measuring antennas that will amaze you with their measurement accuracy, perfect workmanship using the latest technology and several surface finishes for specific applications. Pyramidal corner antennas or even very special antennas are, like all RF Spin products, made from very few parts for the highest possible accuracy.

Performance certification is provided with each RF Spin antenna.

Link to the RF Spin antenna selection.