Agile Ultra-Low Phase Noise Signal Generators, Anapico APLC Series

The APLCXX is an agile ultra-low phase noise signal generator from 10 MHz to 20 (APLC20), 40 GHz (APLC40) or 54 GHz (APLC50) with excellent harmonic and spurious performance.

The signal source is available as mountable module or in a compact enclosure with display and front panel control.

The multi-channel version APLCXX-X is available in 1, 2, 3 or 4 channel configurations in a 2HU 19’’ enclosure.

Download datasheet here!


The main features of these RF and microwave signal generators (RF and mw signal sources) are:

  • OCXO <30 ppb/yr aging
  • Wide and accurately levelled output power range
  • Fast switching of 5 µs (option FS)
  • Sweep, trigger functions and user-programmable external reference frequency between 1 to 250 MHz
  • Low power consumption and low power dissipation
  • Various mechnical housing forms: portable / bench-top, 19″ rack-mountable, etc.
  • Local front panel operation, PC controlled local or remote operation through the communication ports USB, Ethernet and optionally GPIB, and by using GUI Software or ATE commands (SCPI 1999)