A New Robust Test Solution for a Wide Frequency Range


    • Robust new two-component test solutionAFR plug-in and SMD Test Solution can be employed in combination or individually based on user applications and needs

    • Industry first: Enables measurement of SMD components over a wide frequency range from 100 kHz to 20 GHz

A proud reseller of Copper Mountain Technologies (CMT), we are pleased to share the latest CMT advancements. CMT recently released a comprehensive (surface-mounted device) SMD Test Solution and an (Automatic Fixture Removal) AFR software plug-in. The combined two-component proposition facilitates characterization of RF devices and discrete components with metrological accuracy.

Focusing on innovative RF test and measurement solutions for engineers requiring specialized test & measurement equipment, the new CMT solutions are highly beneficial for 5G, RF and University test labs within R&D and engineering.

Key Benefits – Why Important Right Now


    • The new joint solution enables measurement of SMD components over a wide frequency range from 100 kHz to 20 GHz – an industry first.

    • Flexibility and cost-efficiency: The new testing solutions provide more flexibility and easier component testing, reducing the time and cost of testing and simplifying the daily activities of test engineers – increasingly key factors for driving dynamic and efficient lab environments.

The New SMD Test Solution

A comprehensive product utilizing a vector network analyzer (sold separately), fixtures, software, and tools—for manual, non-destructive characterization of 0402 components. It allows for measurement of SMD components over a wide frequency range from 100 kHz to 20 GHz – an industry first. The SMD Test Solution uses serial and shunt fixtures with known topology to make metrologically accurate measurements for discreet resistors, capacitors, or inductors under real-life installation conditions. No soldering is required for testing, reducing the time and cost of component testing.

Automatic Fixture Removal (AFR) VNA software plug-in

The new plug-in enables the measurement of a wide range of components through comprehensive methods tailored to specific fixture properties. The intuitive AFR software moves the calibration plane towards hard to access DUTs and guides the de-embedding process using either time-gating, filtering, or bisect methods. These methods provide the user with better measurement accuracy and reliability based on the components to test. The AFR software plug-in is easy to use and is compatible with all CMT Cobalt series VNAs and Compact series two-port, two-path VNAs.

About Copper Mountain Technologies


    • Copper Mountain Technologies provide lab-grade vector network analyzers (VNAs).

    • VNAs include an RF measurement module and a software application that runs on an external PC laptop or tablet and connects to the measurement hardware via USB interface.

    • Users can take advantage of the latest operating systems, processing power, larger displays, and reliable performance of an external PC while realizing a lower total cost of ownership and simplified maintenance. The result is a faster, more effective test process that fits into the modern workspace.

“Copper Mountain Technologies helps Signal Solutions better serve our key customers in the test & measurement segment, say Signal Solutions, Ilon Popov Sales & Marketing Solutions. The CMT offering complements our ability to provide a complete “one-stop-shop” service for customers.”

“The Signal Solutions expert team aims to cover all our customers’ test lab needs, from test equipment and devices to components and service – to simplify customer purchasing process and make the everyday routines of test engineers easier. Our partnership with CMT helps us offer our customers with the lab grade test equipment their operations demand, making their labs more efficient and state-of-the-art.”