Many of our competitors only supply a few select products from their standard offering. They don’t have the diverse, high-quality supplier base or capability and willingness to offer the guidance and support we do. 

No matter what your test and measurement needs are, Signal Solutions takes the time to deliver exactly the solution you need — and with great value for the money.

We provide expert consultation and a complete range of components, cables, instruments, systems, and services from the wireless, fiber optics and EMC technology sectors for any test and measurement needs.




Need something for your test lab? We can help.


Test and measurement customers need an involved supplier who deeply understands their needs and how to fulfill them. That’s why you’ll get more than just components or instruments with Signal Solutions.

We take the time to give you individual service, carefully reviewing your goal and how best to achieve it. Then, we match it up with what best suits your needs from our extensive supplier base. 

Our skilled engineers offer hands-on guidance during the early planning stages, implementation and after-sales support. This thoughtful process allows us to optimize your test and measurement operations while increasing performance and cutting costs.

Our off-the-shelf and custom solutions provide the top-notch performance that
test and measurement applications demand.


One way we help boost test lab performance is by providing modular solutions to test instrument requirements. This distinguishes us from the most well-known suppliers whose one-size-fits-all products are expensive and difficult to upgrade.

Our modular approach gives you total solutions that are flexible and future-proof with a lower failure rate. It makes it easier and more economical to upgrade software and hardware as your testing environment grows and evolves.

Microscope, Connectors and Components


Are you tired of bulky instruments that take up a lot of space, have high failure rates and are expensive to purchase and upgrade?

Or maybe you’ve encountered RF cables that break too soon, suffered from painfully long component lead times, or struggled to find some niche instrument for your application?

We have unique solutions and alternatives to cover all those problems. Signal Solutions offers innovative solutions, high-quality products and value-adding expert service, along with an excellent price vs. performance ratio. 

Ask us anything about your test and measurement application and we’ll gladly help you out.


Our test and measurement solutions are suitable for all stages of product development, ranging from research and development to on-wafer testing, sub-module testing, verification testing, system testing, production testing and full network testing. We can help you at any stage or all the way from start to finish.

You’ll receive individual assistance in finding the optimal solution for any application from our complete range of components, cables, instruments, systems and services. We also provide many essential services, such as calibrations, educational courses and sourcing.

The Signal Solutions expert team can help you with a broad range of test and measurement applications — radio base stations to radar, electronic warfare (EW) systems, space electronics, Satcom, datacenter, medical, IoT and more.

Our extensive product lineup includes:

We are proud to highlight some of the key manufacturers that we represent for test and measurement applications.

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