When you have a cutting-edge research and education challenge, routine solutions aren’t good enough. Your work’s success requires advanced technical support and guidance to find suitable equipment for exactly your dilemma.

Our skilled engineers understand different technologies, test environments and applications with specific requirements. Combined with our world-class product offering, we can find optimal solutions to a wide range of research and education applications, from the very basic to the most experimental, including niche products with extremely high performance and quality.




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Active assistance from the very beginning is often crucial to the success of research applications. Perhaps you’re not sure what you exactly need or what fits your specific application? We can get involved at the earliest stages of a project, helping you define specifications, evaluate options and discuss with manufacturers. With larger systems, this will also include any accessories you may need, like cablesadaptersantennas and more.

Our support continues throughout a project and beyond, when we make sure everything is working as it should — something that our larger competitors don’t offer. You’ll also find training courses on topics such as learning how to use a system or safety precautions.

Signal Solutions Provides a Wide Range of RF/Microwave, Fiber Optics and EMC Components and Equipment for Research and Education


The purchasing process for your research and education projects quickly becomes easy with our help, thanks to our extensive offering and expertise.

You’ll find deep technical knowledge and a wide selection of complete systems, instruments and components from the RF/microwave, fiber optics, EMC/EMI and shielding technology sectors — all in one place.

Whether you need RF testing equipment for a classroom or a complete test probe system for research purposes, we have it all. Our expert help extends all the way from the design phase to implementation and after sales support. We also provide training courses that can be tailored to your needs.

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Signal Solutions provides a full range of components, instruments and systems from the RF/microwave, fiber optics, EMC/EMI and shielding technology sectors to companies and institutions involved in research and education.

Among our customers are large telecommunications companies, universities, national institutions, and others who appreciate deep expert knowledge and personal service. The applications we help with include cutting-edge research, prototype testing, product development, test and measurement, teaching equipment and much more.

Our comprehensive product lineup includes:

We’re proud to highlight some of the key manufacturers that we represent for research and education applications.

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