At Signal Solutions we service commercial, military and industrial clients with a large variety of applications. No project is too small or large, so we’ve solved many interesting challenges.

What we bring to the table is technical expertise, superior service and world-class products, making us the perfect partner for any wireless, fiber optic and EMC project.

We invite you to explore and find out more about what we can do for each of our areas of focus:

Signal Solutions Provides a Wide Range of Quality Communications Equipment and Components Suitable for Various Aerospace and Defense Applications


Aerospace and defense present some of the most demanding environments for communications equipment and components. At Signal Solutions, we’ve made these procurement and test challenges a priority.

Signal Solutions Provides a Wide Range of RF/Microwave, Fiber Optics and EMC Components and Equipment for Test and Measurement Applications


We provide expert consultation and a complete range of components, cables, instruments, systems, and services from the wireless, fiber optics and EMC technology sectors for any test and measurement needs.

Product Development

At Signal Solutions, we have the technical competence, capability and service mindset needed to become a dedicated partner for even the most challenging product development requirements.

Research & Education

Our skilled engineers understand different technologies, test environments and applications with specific requirements. Combined with our world-class product offering, we can find optimal solutions to a wide range of research and education applications.

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